Saturday, October 30, 2010

Scot's View of Osaka Sushi

Located at:

8785 Center Parkway

Near the UA Theatre and 24 Hour Fitness

Osaka is one of our "Old Stand By" places to eat. Since Chat and I were sans Larry we decided to eat at an old favorite. In my opinion Osaka Sushi is the best sushi and Japanese restaurant in the Elk Grove area. There are many competitors that have cropped up but Osaka has them beat. Osaka has three major things going for it, the price is good, the food is very good and there is rarely a wait to sit or eat. Mikuni is the only other sushi restaurant in the Elk Grove area that has similar high level of quality but the prices are far higher. Since our Trio is not made up of "twenty somethings" looking for places where the trendiness of the bar is important, it is an obvious choice to go to Osaka.

As usual, we were seated right away and given the choice of the sushi bar or the tables. We took our usual seat at the tables, since we really like the plates and bento boxes rather than sushi ala cart. It's worth noting that the bar is nice if you want to get in quick and have ready access to the sushi chefs.

I ordered a classic, Chicken Teriyaki Dinner. The dinner comes with Teriyaki Chicken, Miso soup, Salad and White Rice. The chicken is tender, tasty and plentiful. The Miso is great, just the thing you want on a rainy day or when you are feeling under the weather, I like the little cubes of Tofu, I even like the way the seasonings make clouds in the liquid as you wait for it to cool down, just wonderful. The salad is tangy and sweet, even though it's just slices of iceberg lettuce and tomatoes, the dressing is great and makes you go back for more. If you go for lunch the Bento Boxes offer even more food for a great price you get your choice of (3 pieces California roll, 2 pieces Gyoza, 2 pieces Croquette or 1 piece Harumaki).

Chat almost religiously gets the Chicken Katsu dinner. This dish with chicken battered in Panko flakes, fried and drizzled with Tonkatsu sauce is a crispy fried delight! It comes with all the sides I mentioned before but this time Chat went out on a limb and tried something new.

Chat had the Katsu Curry, unfortunately this dish was not as good as the other dishes, There were two large battered pork cutlets covered in a sweet brown curry sauce. Although it was tasty, it was a little too sweet. Oh well, looks like she will be back to the basics next time.

We also ordered the Osaka Maki roll, this fried shrimp roll is one of my favorites. Crispy, sweet and when dipped in a little wasabi and soy sauce, makes your mouth water.

Taste - 4 of 5 stars

Price - $$$ (2 dinners, one role $48 including tip), that's a good price to stuff yourself at a Japanese restaurant.

Service - Prompt, and Accurate, Helpful 4 of 5 stars.

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