Sunday, October 17, 2010

Scot's view of Paragary's

We have been making an effort to "Broaden our Horizons" and hit restaurants other than our usual haunts. Friday night my beautiful and intelligent wife suggested we try Paragary's Bar and Oven, in downtown Sacramento. Having grown up in the Sacramento area, I had heard of this place for years yet I had never gone. Well it was about time.

We arrived early for dinner, since it's our custom to try and knock out dinner before the movie.  This way, we are less likely to OD on crappy stale nachos and overpriced hot dogs. As soon as we arrived I realized I would have a chance to showcase my Mad Skillz at Downtown parallel parking.

We were quickly seated inside and treated to menus. I looked around and wondered, where is everyone? The answer to that came when we left.

The web site says "The cooking of northern Italy and southern France" I would call it "California Fusion with a side of beef" but those who don't live here may not get it.

I started with the Prosciutto, Endive and Tangerine salad, and no it's not as strange as it sounds. This salad starts out a little bitter as all Endive salads do, but the Tangerine kicks in after the first few bites and the other micro greens come to the front as well. The small amount of Prosciutto is ultra thinly sliced and placed on top, this is a good thing because too much would have ruined the salad. I liked it, but would have rather had a little less, just the greens and a slightly lower price tag.

My main course was the rosemary noodles with chicken and artichokes. Tasty and not overbearing, this meal was good but not outstanding. The noodles were a surprise, rolled wide and properly proportioned with all the other ingredients.

We skipped desert, since we had gone a long way out from where we were planning on seeing the move and had to "Get a Move-On".

As we left, we passed the patio and heard all the people we knew should have been there. Apparently the outside bar and tables were the place to be. There was the happy buzz of many people enjoying themselves, and a peak thru the gate showed a pretty courtyard and a good sized bar. That is where we will meet, next time.

Taste - 4 of 5 stars

Price - $$$$ (total dinner for three including tip $147) $50 a head is about as expensive as I want to pay for dinner so Paragary's gets 4.

Service - Prompt, Happy, Efficient 5 of 5 stars

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