Friday, November 12, 2010

Scot's View of LALO's Mexican Restaurant

Located at:

5063 24th St

At the corner of 24th Street and 26th Ave.

LALO's is probably the most authentic Mexican food in Sacramento. The last time I had Mexican food this good I was in Los Angeles at a mom and pop where English wasn't even a second language. 

Walking in the door of LALO's is like entering the Mexican Embassy. I have the feeling of having stepped onto a sovereign Mexican territory as soon as I passed the front door. A couple of booths on the right and picnic style tables on the left, this place is small and but oh the smell of spiced meats cooking in the kitchen hits you as soon as you get in.

The menu has an incredible array of dishes, offering meats you just can't find in any chain restaurant, barbacoa, al pastor, lingua, menudo, pazole. Some of these are only available on the weekends.

My favorites are the Al Pastor Taco and the Horchatas. The meat is wonderful and the Mexican cheese is incredible too, I really don't have the words to describe it, just mouth watering goodness.

All this for an incredibly low price as well, be careful don't order more than you can eat because you will find a way to eat it, even if you are full. It's that good.

This is not a Chevys and you are going to have to get up and pay at the counter when you are done, or you may be sitting there a while.

Taste - 5 of 5 stars (yep, you won't find better REAL Mexican food round these parts)

Price - $ (yep, the exchange rate is pretty good here as well)

Service - 2 of 5 (The waitresses were very nice to this gringo but, it would have helped if I knew the language. Also, when you are done, don't expect someone to be keeping an eye on you.)

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